Thee One Story

When pennies kept turning up – in the most unlikely of places – stuck in cobblestone streets in Italy, on airport floors, in restaurants, taxis, at friend’s houses, and even more mesmerizingly strange on top of a bag of ice at a store…well, there had to be something in it.

It moves beyond coincidence into the realm of symbolism. But this is what continued to happen to Kim and Melissa Bentz. When they delved further, it stopped them in their tracks. Of all the signs that could have been sent, the finding of pennies was imbued with a specific message and it could not have been more on point. It was a matter of faith, of believing in purpose.

Starting a brand is never easy, not to mention a luxury label. Rewarding and fulfilling yes, but incessant, hard work and unforgiving at times -without a doubt. Plus, life sometimes likes to throw in a little extra along the way, just as an extra challenge.

But, whenever it all got too much-which of course it did many times over-when it became too overwhelming, too hard, too seemingly insurmountable…well, there were the pennies.


And this is what they said.


Pennies are the symbol of Thee One – the symbol for unity – which could not have been more relevant, as to create the brand and find their purpose they had to be in complete sync-they had to become one. In some religions, number one often symbolizes God or the universe, and of course, the head side of the penny emphatically states in God We Trust- a defining belief of the Bentz girls, and a reference to their personal faith in a higher power.

As if they needed more convincing, number one also conveys, purpose, clarity, and focus, carrying the message to take action, to manifest your desires. The symbolic meaning of the penny embraces bright ideas, fresh perspectives, expanding lives and forging new directions.


It appeared they were being guided by forces larger than themselves, and every time they found another shiny penny it cemented it; empowering them with the strength and courage to overcome difficulties-both personal and professional – reminding them not to give up, and urging them to draw upon the guidance of a hand greater than their own.

Eventually, Kim and Melissa started tucking their custom-created, shiny penny, or Thee One as they call it, into each bag. It was simply a gesture from them to impart blessings upon the bearer, a reminder that gratitude reciprocates, and to always pay it forward. They were not even aware at times that in ancient superstitions putting a penny into a wallet or bag before it is passed on is a wish for good fortune and prosperity to the owner. But of course , it is.

It seems the pennies never stop talking to them.

And they never stop listening.

BENTZ – #TheeOne